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Support Students at the Cloud Forest School

Empowering students to shape their own future and the future of their community.

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Supporting students in Monteverde, Costa Rica

The Cloud Forest School works in partnerships and in connection with nature, to empower individuals by providing a well-rounded, bilingual education, with a focus on BEING, so that individuals may mindfully shape their own future and the future of their community.

Currently serving 120 students, the Cloud Forest School/ Centro de Educacion Creativa is proud to offer partial scholarships to the majority of our local students, making high quality bilingual education accessible to a diverse community. Our unique classroom is one of the last remnants of the pacific premontane cloud forest, protected by conservation easements. Costa Rica faces numerous environmental challenges, and at the Cloud Forest School, we address them through hands-on learning, the arts and environmental stewardship.

Our school-year program integrates themes of wildlife conservation, native plants and environmental education into a solid bilingual education program. These essential themes are also integrated into our camps and science education, creating a holistic approach to conservation awareness and education.

With your support and the support of the Cloud Forest School Foundation over the last thirty years, we continue to work together to achieve our vision to be a creative, inclusive and sustainable education center that, through partnerships and as a part of the community, provides a well-rounded, nature-based education.


If you prefer to send in a check, checks made out to “Cloud Forest School Foundation” can be mailed to:

Cloud Forest School Foundation
PO Box 3223, Sewanee, TN 37375

Note: If you are trying to pay fees for a volunteer, internship, tuition, study abroad or camp, contact for valid check or credit card payment options.